Most of you who have already updated your BB10 device to 10.3.1  OS version will have probably noticed that old Playepub 2.1 will not work anymore and will had received and update to Playepub 3.0 that will not keep your settings and existing library and will force you to start from scratch. Why?

As you can imagine it’s not because I want to, it’s because I’ve been forced to by Blackberry.

First release of Playepub came arround 2011 on Playbook and then, when BB10 was launched, I had to write again about 90% of the app to have it working fine. It was an about six months work on 2012.

Playepub was developed with the Adobe Air SDK on Blackberry as this was the ONLY framework available for developing apps on Playepub when it was launched. Then, using the same technology, it was adapted to BB10.

So, what happened now? On May/2014 Blackberry announced they were going to remove that Adobe Air framework on OS 10.3.1 and any app running on it will no longer work. There were lots of complains from developers, you can take a look into dev forums here:

You will find there some on mine (osus).

So, in summer 2014 I had two choices:

  1. Forget everything about Playepub and Blackberry and leave my customers without support anymore. As soon as they upgrade their devices to OS 10.3.1 Playepub will no longer exists.
  2. Try to do something to fix it so as it can still work.

And I choose 2. And after study the options Blackberry was giving to us, I decided the best will be to make a completely new app. And I started to develope (again) everything from scratch, on a new platform, with a different language, with different options and possibilities. And I spent about six months (again) working on it to have it ready on december 2014 when 10.3.1 was first launched (on Passport and Classic).

And this change implies that anything from previous versions is no longer compatible with new. There is no way to keep old data into new update, everything is removed after update as old framework no longer exists and, of course, it’s completely different from new one.

Don’t you like it? I understand and I agree. I don’t like it too. But that’s the best option for you guys, for me it would be better to completely forget about Playepub.

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