Following Blackberry 10 design guidelines, Playepub can be controlled when reading with keys on devices with physical keyboard.

Playepub supports Passport touch keyboard and back/menu buttons when available as well.

You can also enable an option to change pages with long press on volume physical buttons.

When reading:

  • SPACE: Next page
  • SHIFT+SPACE or Z: Previous page
  • BACKSPACE: Back to shelves
  • T (top): Go to start
  • B (bottom): Go to end
  • N (next): Next chapter
  • P (previous): Previous chapter
  • S (search): Opens search mode
  • I (zoom in): increases font size
  • O (zoom out): reduces font size
  • S (search): search text function
  • Menu button (when available): shows action bar
  • Back button (When available): closes book and goes to main shelves
  • Passport touch keyboard: Same gestures as screen, tap/swipe to change page/chapter.
  • Long press on volume up/down keys: next/previous page.


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