When reading a book you can customice some general settings that will apply to any book you open. Just select “Settings” on action bar when reading.


Available options:

  • Watch format 24h: changes between 12/24H the clock on top when reading.
  • Prevent standby: sets the device always on and forces to not sleep switching the screen off. Usefull when reading.
  • Prevent rotation. Locks the rotation in the current orientation.
  • Swipe changes chapter: lets you decide the behaviour of swipe gesture.
    • On: a left to right gesture goes to next chapter and a right to left one to the previous one.
    • Off: a right to left gesture goes to next page and a left to right to previous one.
  • Page animation: enables 3D page flipping effect.
  • Long press on volume keys changes page:
  • Passport specific: These two settings let Passport users customize how they want to interact with the device:
    • Enable touch keyboard: enables or disables touch keyboard.
    • Enable touch screen: enables or disabled touch screen.
  • Highlight color: lets you decide the color for highlights on text.

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