This feature is only available on Playbook.

Playepub comes with a very basic PDF support. This means it can open PDF files and  show pages, changing pages, selected text, add notes, bookmarks… It will also remember the page and scroll position of your last read. The main issue is it’s very slow opening PDF files so, please, be patience. Once the file has been loaded, page changes work fine as long as they don’t have much graphical content.

PDF support on Playepub is meant to be used with “book” files, this is, text files. Playepub works great with text PDF files, but opening graphical ones is very slow as it takes a lot to render graphical pages. It will work, yes, but it will take a long time to display. This happens usually with cover pages.

PDF format is based on pages and this is how it works on Playepub. On each page you can scroll up/down to move inside one page. Tap left/right as usual to go previous/next page.

See my shelf with three opened PDF files.

And here is what you will see after opening each of them. Second one took a long time to render because it’s absolutely graphical, but it renders. Once in the book you can do almost everything you can do with any other format supported: select text, add notes and bookmarks, goto to pages… The only thing does not work is text highlight.

If your PDF file contains a table of content, Playepub will also import it so as you can navigate between the chapters.

Finally here you got the text selection feature. It works as on other book formats. Just move the marks to select desired text and click on button actions to domething with selected text.

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