Playepub requires some permissions so that all the features can work. Read about all of them and decide if you want to refuse any of them.

  • Shared files: is mandatory and needed, without it Playepub will not be able to read your files and therefore will not be able to open your books.
  • Microphone: (Playbook only) is needed to add voice recordings to your notes. If you will not be adding voice to your notes you can deny this permission.
  • Device Identifying Information: is needed in order to allow automatic scheduled syncs and Cloud Sync feature. If you deny this permission you won’t be able to use these features.
  • Run When Minimised: this permission allows to silently sync and update your external services. If you don’t plan to use these options you can deny this permission.
  • Connect to BBM, BBM Contact Invitations and Profiles Updates: This permission allows Playepub to integrate into your BBM account to invite people and to make changes on your BBM profile. Playepub does not do anything that you don’t want to do, you will always be prompted to allow any change.

Only “Shared files” permission is needed to use Playepub‘s basic features. Please, grant at least this permission.

You can always change permissions for any app:

  • On Playbook: swipe down main menu, go to “Security”, “Applications”, and check permissions for Playepub.
  • On BB10: go to “Settings“, “Security and Privacy“, “Application permissions” and check them for Playepub.

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