Collections feature allows you con manage your books creating groups of them. Think on it as folders. You can have, i.e.:

  • Game of thrones collection.
  • 99 shades collection.
  • Tech books.
  • Management books.
  • Cooking books.

Collections are a very abstract concept as you can create any kind of group you want, not only real book collections.  Collections are displayed on shelves with a group of books icon and its name below.


Long tap on any book on main shelves to send it “To a collection”.


You can choose an existing collection or create a new one just providing a name.IMG_20150701_184003 This is how an opened collection is displayed, showing its name on the title bar and a back button to go back to main shelves.IMG_20150701_184025

You can remove a book from a collection with a long tap on it.IMG_20150701_184031To remove a collection, make a long tap on it on main shelves as if it was a book. When you delete any collection, no books inside it are deleted, instead they are moved to main shelves again.


Things work a little bit different here as collections are managed with a drag&drop feature. See it in action:

As you can see in the video, go into edit state just making a long tap over any opened book and start to drag&drop your books.

Dropping one book over another will show you a popup to create a new collection.

You can drop one book into an existing collection or even drop one collection into another creating more levels of grouping. You can have, por example, one “Tech books” collection and inside it more collections: “C++”, “Python”, “PHP”…

When you tap on a collection you open it showing books and collections inside it. Tapinng the X will go to the parent of this collection. While on edit mode you can drag and drop a book or collection to this mark to move it to its parent collection.

Finally, when in a collection, any new book you open from file browser will be aded to this collection, not to the root shelves.

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