There are many times while you are reading that you come across a word you don’t know. Now you can find its meaning with Playepub‘s dictionary. Just select the unknown word and click on dictionary icon.


If you select more than one words, only the first one will be searched, you don’t have to adjust the selection to that word, just point to the begining.

You can add an automatic note from dictionary results and will be asociated with the selected text, this way you can later review these definitions.

You can show the results in English, Spanish and French, but keep in mind that best results are got in the own language, i.e. if you try to search for a word in English, best results will be shown searching in English. The same applies for the other supported languages.

You can tap on resalted words to search those words. Using the “back” button you can go back to previous terms.


Please, keep in mint that dictionary is an online feature so you will not be able to use it if you don’t have Internet connection.

More languages will be supported in the future. If you want yours to be available, please, help me! Just contact with me.

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