Swiping down on your main shelves screen you can acces the general settings menu.


Here you have some usefull and awesome features:


  • Options: lets you configure some basic settings. See below.
  • Pocket: integrate your Pocket account to sync your articles.
  • Feedly: integrate your Feedly account to sync your articles.
  • Instapaper: integrate your Instapaper account to sync your articles.
  • Schedule: define when you want to automatically sync your articles.
  • Cloud Sync: share your reading points, bookmarks and notes within your devices.


Here you can configure two main Playepub settings:

  • Default folder to download books from external libraries. This is where the books will be saved after downloading. Defaults to your device shared “books” folder.
  • Automatically open downloaded books. If you check this option on, downloaded books from external libraries will be automatically opened and added you shelves.
  • Automatic folders. You can add/remove folders that will be automatically and silently scanned for new books each time you open Playepub. If new books are found they will be opened into your shelves.

IMG_20150702_124557On the action bar overflow there is a “Reset” option that completely resets the app as if you had just installed it, removing everything, including your opened books. Use it carefully.

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